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Are Apprenticeships Worth Doing

If you’re about to start university and are having second thoughts, you may consider getting an apprenticeship instead and want to know whether apprenticeships are worth doing.

Apprenticeships, like any other path you are considering, have benefits and drawbacks.

So, before making a decision, it is essential to consider all of these considerations.

1. Acquire professional experience.

An apprenticeship will help you significantly boost your CV and, as a result, your job opportunities!

It will not only help you illustrate critical skills that employers need, but it will also show how hardworking, committed, and mature you are.

Even though academic qualifications are essential, many employers today choose candidates with real-world experience over academic credentials.

2. Determine your interests.

Apprenticeships can be an excellent opportunity to see if you are a good candidate for a specific career path similar to the volunteer placements, except at least these are paid!

If you can assume that you are suitable for a specific role, an apprenticeship allows you to gain first-hand experience and understand the truth about the work.

You’ll still gain helpful transferable skills, but you’ll still find out whether this isn’t the right path for you…

3. Acquire new skills.

As previously mentioned, one significant benefit to apprenticeships is that they enable you to develop new practical skills that universities courses do not have.

Many of the skills you gain would be transferable and beneficial to the jobs you apply for in the future, attracting potential employers to your skillset.

4. Earn money when you study.

Unsurprisingly, whether we want to enter school or not, saving money is a big problem for both of us.

Apprenticeships have the distinct advantage of allowing you to “earn as you graduate,” which is not often the case for university courses.

5. Increase your self-esteem!

Of necessity, each of the above will help raise your productivity at work and in future interviews.

You’ll be able to give concrete examples of how clever you are, and you’ll be able to explore more technical subjects, which would impress the interviewer.

Updated on December 23, 2021

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