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Can Adults Do Apprenticeships UK

Adult apprenticeships assist in enhancing the quality and breadth of your prospects, and you will benefit from continuing to study throughout your life.

Can adults do apprenticeships UK?

Apprenticeships are not only for school leavers and young people; there are no upper age limits, and you may become an apprentice if you are above the age of 16, reside in England, and are not engaged in full-time education.

What function might an adult apprenticeship have in my life?

Are you about to start your first job? Have you been promoted to a new job that requires you to take on new responsibilities and use new skills and abilities? Are you thinking about changing jobs?

Perhaps you are moving from a manual job that you cannot continue due to sickness to a new profession that requires entirely different skills and abilities.

No matter where you are in your career, an apprenticeship may help you grow.

An apprenticeship is a kind of education

An apprenticeship is a training programme that takes you from being a novice to being an expert in your field.

Apprenticeships should be broad in scope, focused on preparing the whole individual for a job, a career (or another profession), and life.

Aside from that, an apprenticeship will instil a sense of curiosity, lifelong learning, discovery, and growth in all trainees.

Equitable access to apprenticeship benefits

Everyone should have equal access to apprenticeships, both morally and monetarily. Investing in the development of a diverse workforce via an apprenticeship programme may provide real economic benefits.

Supporting non-traditional employees to flourish may need more resources in the short term, but it may offer significant long-term benefits.


If you are 19 or older and want to pursue an advanced-level or higher apprenticeship, you may be eligible for adult skills funding.

Updated on December 23, 2021

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