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Can Apprenticeships Lead To University

It was believed that after you completed an apprenticeship, you would stay in that profession for the rest of your life. You may either work as an apprentice or attend college and eventually university. You then worked in a single field until you retired.

Can apprenticeships lead to university?

The good news is that this isn’t the case anymore. People not only change occupations more often, but they also change careers many times during their lives. So, after completing an apprenticeship, you will have various options — completing apprenticeship training will not close doors. You are free to seek a university degree after finishing an apprenticeship.

But do I have the right qualifications?

Because schools often need A-Levels to accept students to courses, you may be wondering how you may get admitted using apprenticeship qualifications.

Because different apprenticeship levels correspond to different test scores, you must finish specific apprenticeship credentials to be qualified for university. Advanced apprenticeships (Levels 3 and 4) are equivalent to A Levels and will give you UCAS points for university applications. Click here to learn more about the different apprenticeship levels.

You should also keep in mind that universities will look at your whole application, including your personal statement. The personal statement is a 4000-character document, similar to a cover letter, in which you will discuss your objectives, why you are a good fit for the course, and your past experiences.

Updated on December 23, 2021

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