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Can Graduates Apply For Apprenticeships

According to the apprenticeship regulations, you cannot repeat any material you have already studied, which means there must be no significant overlap between your degree and the subject you now want to pursue an apprenticeship in.

There is no hard and fast rule; however, it is believed that students must learn a significant amount of new knowledge and skills while conducting an apprenticeship. As a consequence, you may start an apprenticeship in a field unrelated to your degree. Provided you have a degree in English Literature, for example, you may begin a level 3 apprenticeship in fashion design if you meet the other criteria. However, you cannot take a biology apprenticeship at a lesser level after earning a biology degree.

Of course, not all cases are as simple as these, and it is not always clear what constitutes a “substantially new”. The training provider (the organisation or institution in charge of the qualification component of the apprenticeship) will use their discretion for each candidate applying for an apprenticeship to determine whether the content of the apprenticeship teaches each applicant enough new skills and knowledge.

Updated on December 23, 2021

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