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Can Graduates Do Apprenticeships

Suppose you want to work in a profession unrelated to your degree or college course. In that case, you should be aware that graduates are not only graduating through higher-level apprenticeships but that with current apprenticeship Standards focused on particular job positions, more graduates with a non-relevant degree are being supported on lower level apprenticeships that will prepare them with the requisite experience or skills. As a consequence, more people recognise the importance of an apprenticeship in advancing one’s technical skills.

Can graduates do apprenticeships?

It includes all recent graduates as well as others who will graduate later this year. There are also primary eligibility criteria for graduates and their employers to be mindful of for those taking this path; primarily, graduates cannot already have a degree in a qualification equal to their desired apprenticeship. E.g., a graphic design specialist cannot qualify for a graphic design apprenticeship but may apply for a digital marketing apprenticeship.

According to the rule, there must be “major new learning” in the apprenticeship qualification. In other words, the preparation must provide the employee with significant new skills, and the content must be different from previous training.

Updated on December 23, 2021

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