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Can I Get Into Uni With An Apprenticeship

It was once claimed that once you completed an apprenticeship, you will stay in the profession for the remainder of your life. You can either work as an apprentice or attend college and then university. You then served in a single job until you quit.

The positive thing is that this is no longer the case, you can get into uni with an apprenticeship. People not only change employers more often, but they frequently change careers during their lives. So, undertaking an apprenticeship would provide you with many possibilities – you will not be closing doors after completing apprenticeship training. If you intend to continue your education after finishing an apprenticeship, you can do so.

That is entirely dependent on whether or not the universities support it. Universities value the different paths and experiences that people have, and an apprenticeship can help you attract universities. Many  would admit you as a mature student after you reach the age of 22, and they have their entry requirements for adult students. This does not always mean that they desire A-levels.

Can I get into uni with an apprenticeship?

Admissions tutors value your technical qualifications and the certificates you gain from your apprenticeship because it shows a sincere long-term commitment to a subject and the focus you place on expanding your knowledge and experience.

Updated on December 23, 2021

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