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Can You Apply for an Apprenticeship With a Degree

Apprenticeship programmes for graduates are a relatively new phenomenon. Previously, someone with a degree higher than a foundation degree (Level 4) was prohibited from earning government grants.

Until recently, most apprenticeships available were at very low levels of attainment, which means that many graduates would be overqualified to begin one.

Can You Apply for an Apprenticeship With a Degree?

However, the government’s recent push to create apprenticeships at the degree and masters levels has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for university graduates. In general, they can now seek an apprenticeship that is more advanced than their degree allowing you to apply for an apprenticeship with a degree.

Graduates are not all progressing to higher-level apprenticeships. Despite new apprenticeship criteria emphasising career responsibilities, candidates with non-relevant degrees are already being funded on lower levels of apprenticeships. They claim that their degree did not teach them the necessary experience or skills to excel in that position. Apprenticeship preparation is therefore needed, it is argued, to get their skills up to speed.

Updated on December 23, 2021

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