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Can You Do A Apprenticeship With A Degree

Apprenticeship programmes for graduates are a relatively new concept. Individuals holding a degree higher than a foundation degree (Level 4) have always been prohibited from obtaining government assistance under previous rules.

Can you do a apprenticeship with a degree?

Until recently, most Apprenticeships available were at lower levels; thus, many graduates would be overqualified to begin one.

However, the government’s recent push to create Apprenticeships at the Degree and Masters levels has opened up a whole new market for university graduates. Individuals may now, in theory, undertake an Apprenticeship at a higher level than their degree. They are now be eligible for funding as an added bonus.

With updated Apprenticeship requirements emphasising work duties, graduates with non-relevant degrees are now funded on lower levels of Apprenticeships, as their degree did not provide them with the necessary knowledge or skills to operate in that job.

Updated on December 23, 2021

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