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Can You Do A Paramedic Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are a great way to develop your career. If you wish to work as a paramedic but don’t have a paramedic degree, you can do a paramedic apprenticeship.

The Associate Ambulance Practitioner apprenticeship prepares you to join an Emergency Ambulance Crew (EAC). You would not need any prior medical experience.

This apprenticeship lasts 18 months. It begins with 22 weeks of instruction, after which the trainee will work with practise educators and be supported by a team of clinical link tutors for the duration of the programme. After the 18-month apprenticeship, there is an End Point Assessment (EPA) and if you pass you are awarded the apprenticeship qualification.

Can you do a paramedic apprenticeship?

The paramedic degree apprenticeship is open to people who wish to become paramedics, such as EACs and EMTs. This is provided in conjunction with a University and is a mix of classroom and online learning that occurs once every six weeks on top of existing shifts. Apprentices in this programme also learn new skills on the job while working with certified, experienced clinicians and practise instructors.

Apprentices will be awarded a degree and will be trained paramedics with the same credentials as paramedic science degrees, with guaranteed employment as a paramedic at the end of the two years of study.

Updated on December 23, 2021

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