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Can You Fail An Apprenticeship

Each apprentice will be required to complete an end-point assessment (EPA) for their abilities to be evaluated.

End-point assessments come in a range of shapes and sizes. Again, the employer, the training provider, and the apprentice must all agree that the individual is ready to take the end-point test at this time.

Some people may need extra time to complete some of the job modules. Someone who struggles with English, for example, may require additional tuition to be ready for the end-point test.

We would argue that it is better to allow a bit extra time to complete the training and be fully prepared for the EPA.

Can you fail an apprenticeship?

Managers must be aware that an apprentice’s failure at the end-point assessment stage may result in extra business costs, such as paying for a resit.

If an apprentice fails owing to a lack of training or support, the organisation’s investment in that individual has been wasted, mainly if the failure results in dismissal or termination of a person’s contract.

Updated on December 23, 2021

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