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Do You Get Holidays On Apprenticeships

Apprentices, as previously indicated, have the same workplace rights and duties as regular employees, except that they work a somewhat shorter week and are studying or training at the same time. This means they are entitled to holiday pay in the same manner as other employees, often at the same rate as their regular income.

Do you get holidays on apprenticeships?

Yes, an apprentice should be entitled to at least 20 days of paid vacation each year, but some companies may choose to grant a larger holiday allowance. They may increase the basic holiday entitlement to create a better work/life balance for their workers or be more flexible in granting additional time for training, study, or personal development. The kind of programmes – such as a mortgage advisor apprenticeship or a paraplanner apprenticeship – may also influence the maximum holiday allowance.

Before commencing a programme, apprentices must understand their rights, and employers must do everything necessary to honour their agreements. Holidays are a crucial time to relax and balance life and work, and dedicated apprentices need this just as much as the rest of the team.

Updated on December 23, 2021

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