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Do You Get Paid for Foundation Apprenticeships

Foundation Apprenticeships are work-based learning opportunities for high school students.

Students begin their Foundation Apprenticeship in S5 or S6, which lasts one or two years. Young people invest time away from school at college or with a nearby employer, doing the Foundation Apprenticeship alongside other topics, including National 5s and Highers.

Completion results in a Higher-level degree, which may contribute to a career, such as a Modern or Graduate Apprenticeship.

All Scottish colleges and universities recognise Foundation Apprenticeships as entrance requirements.

Do you get paid for foundation apprenticeships?

It is an opportunity for young people to get a head start on their future by obtaining an industry-recognised qualification, working on real-world programmes, and boosting their job opportunities after they graduate but unfortunately you don’t get paid.

It also an opportunity for companies to recruit highly motivated and talented young people who are eager to learn, find young people who are a good fit for the company, and ensure that the organisation has employees with the expertise you need.

Updated on December 23, 2021

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