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Do You Get Paid for Tattoo Apprenticeship

One of the first moves toward being a tattoo artist is to complete an apprenticeship. A structured apprenticeship is comparable to enrolling in a trade school in the sense that you do it for the expertise and experience you can gain, the contacts you can create, as a path toward certification, and to develop your technical résumé.

Apprenticeships are challenging to find, difficult to apply for, and difficult to pay for. Nobody promises it will be quick, but it will bring you to your destination.

Although there are no formal requirements, the tattoo industry refers to it as a “tattoo apprenticeship.” There are no laws or responsibilities and no tattoos or rites of passage to become a practising artist after a certain period. Much of this is determined by how much effort you put in, how dedicated you are, and, most notably, how creative you are.

Do you get paid for tattoo apprenticeship?

Many tattoo apprenticeships are unpaid and need long hours, with you spending a significant amount of time preparing drinks, cleaning the shop, and answering phones. Even if this doesn’t deter you and you’re able to stick with things for as long as it takes, you’re in the right line of work.

Updated on December 23, 2021

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