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Do You Pay For Apprenticeships

It’s important to know if you pay for apprenticeships as an employer. Apprentices must be paid the National Minimum Wage or above. Apprentices are paid at different rates depending on their age and the year they completed their apprenticeship. The employment contract should include how much you will pay your apprentice and the number of hours he or she will work.

But the government will help you pay for apprenticeships, by levying levies (a tax) on businesses that pay more than £3 million in salary each year. They allow ‘authorised’ providers of all sizes to claim back the money they spend on training by combining the apprenticeship levy money with some additional financing of their own.

The amount received from the government is proportional to the levy you declare to HMRC, multiplied by the percentage of your bill paid to eligible workers, plus a 10% government top-up.

It’s all quite simple. For further information, see the gov.uk guide to apprenticeship funding.

Updated on December 23, 2021

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