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How Do I Get An Apprenticeship For Carpentry

Enrolling in a carpentry apprenticeship is the best way to get started in the carpentry industry.

An apprenticeship is a fantastic way to get credentials while simultaneously gaining work experience. Of course, in addition to starting a great new career, you will also ‘earn while you learn,’ since A-levels are not paid, and going to university may result in years of debt.

Because a carpentry apprenticeship involves work-based training that is customised to the needs of companies, you will gain fundamental skills that are always in demand and internationally recognised certifications!

How do I get an apprenticeship for carpentry?

The national apprenticeship website is the best place to search for carpentry apprenticeship opportunities in your area.

A fantastic aspect of the website is that it offers opportunities that you may not have considered previously, such as serving a carpenter apprenticeship building boats!

Here’s a link to the UK’s ‘Find an Apprenticeship‘ search engine.

Updated on December 23, 2021

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