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How Do You Get An Apprenticeship For Tattooing

Looking for tattoo apprenticeships is similar to looking for any other job. You will not require a CV or a covering letter, but you will need an extensive portfolio of your work (drawings) to show your abilities.

When you hear the term “portfolio,” you may be concerned about how you’ll put one together if you’re getting started as a tattoo artist. But don’t be alarmed: an apprentice’s portfolio will not resemble that of an established artist.

An apprentice should create a portfolio of drawings, which should serve as the basis for why they chose to be a tattooist in the first place. So, go out and purchase a new book with protected sheets and proudly display your work. Many tattoo artists now use social media as their portfolios, so you could always create an Instagram page to show off your work.

How do you get an apprenticeship for tattooing?

Get out there and start talking with studios. Getting in front of someone is the most fantastic method to determine whether they are taking on anybody or know of someone who is.

Even if they say no, it gives you a chance to get to know them better. After all, it can’t hurt to make new industry connections.

Don’t be scared to express yourself. Rather than just contacting artists, you should always make an effort to get in front of them. Artists are far more likely to remember you if you speak to them in person, and it also shows that you’re a bit more driven by getting out there rather than sitting behind a computer or phone.

Updated on December 23, 2021

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