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How to Apply for RAF Apprenticeships

A Royal Air Force apprenticeship requires you to obtain a professional qualification when serving in a challenging and rare career. You will not only be able to acquire a professional qualification that is recognised in the world but you will still be given a job in the chosen field after you have obtained it.

You will receive the best training and, in addition to getting paid to graduate, you will have the ability to travel the world, compete in athletics, and be an involved member of the RAF, as well as dedicated on-base medical and dental care.

How to apply for RAF apprenticeships?

To be considered for an apprenticeship in the RAF, you must also meet all of the entry requirements for the role in question and fulfil all stages of the application process. The apprenticeship will be obtained as part of your stage two preparation, and it could take anything from a year to three years to complete.

Qualifications Obtained

The RAF offers qualifications ranging from level 2 (equivalent to 5 GCSEs) to level 3 (equal to 2 ‘A’ levels) and level 7, which is equivalent to a Masters degree.

There are many apprenticeships available in the RAF. Your desires and talents will decide which one is right for you. So go apply for RAF apprenticeships and investigate the roles

Updated on December 23, 2021

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