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How To Ask A Company For An Apprenticeship

So you want to work as an apprentice? That’s fantastic news. Many businesses depend on vocational skills to stay in business. But how can you persuade someone to take a chance on you if you have no previous work experience? and How to ask a company for an apprenticeship?

Everything comes down to two things:

  • Understanding what it takes to separate out from the crowd.
  • Articulating why the business should choose you.

When you’re competing against people that seem a lot like you on paper, it may be tough to stand apart. Some of the most effective ways for attracting an employer’s notice are as follows:

Recognise your distinct selling characteristics

We all have different selling points, often known as USPs. Ask your friends, family, and former employers, if any, to name your top three characteristics. For example, you might be efficient, outgoing, and driven. Consider examples from your own life that exhibit these characteristics and explain them.

Create a resume

Employers that provide apprenticeships are aware that you may have little paid work experience. But you do have skills. Maybe you did a pre-apprenticeship, studied technology or hospitality at school, worked over the holidays at your father’s company. Include achievements such as honours or school projects that you oversaw. It’s possible that you worked part-time for a year in order to go on a school trip, showing your commitment.

Make an outstanding presentation

When applying for a trade, it is essential to dress appropriately and seem clean and tidy. Presenting also entails checking your resume for typos and grammatical mistakes. This is especially important in a profession that requires close attention to detail, such as baking.

Feel energised

Even if you don’t get the first apprenticeship, you’ll get one someday if you keep trying. Once you’ve exited a potential employer’s attention, it’s time to convince them to hire you. Remember, even if you don’t have a lengthy resume, you may be surprised by how much you have to offer.

Finding the ideal apprenticeship isn’t as difficult as you may think; you must make sure you’re selling yourself.

Updated on December 23, 2021

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