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How To Find Degree Apprenticeships

Degrees that include apprenticeships! The government established them in 2015 to give young people a practical route into work and some academic background in their profession. They are one of the four main types of apprenticeship.

Degree apprenticeships are developed by the employer, who works with a university to give a degree programme that contains all of the theoretical underpinnings for the job. A bachelor’s degree (for example, a BEng in engineering) or a master’s degree will be awarded to you (like an MEng). This qualifies it as a level 6 apprenticeship for those pursuing a bachelor’s degree and a level 7 qualification for those seeking a master’s degree.

Once enrolled, your time will be split evenly between study and work. Your employer will give you a salary for the length of the course, which will be at least three years but might be extended.

How to find degree apprenticeships?


The most common way to find a degree apprenticeship is to use the Government’s ‘Find an apprenticeship‘ webpage.

This page offers a listing of all apprenticeships offered at all levels.

GOV.UK also has a list of higher and degree apprenticeship opportunities.

Employers and providers

Specific firms will also post apprenticeship opportunities on main job forums and their websites. Many employers will also advertise job opportunities at job fairs.

You may also visit the websites of universities and colleges to learn about the programmes they offer and with whom they cooperate.

Updated on December 23, 2021

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