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Is an Apprenticeship Right for Me

Apprenticeships are becoming increasingly common year after year, with an increasing number of school leavers opting for them. So you might be asking yourself is an apprenticeship right for me?

Earn as you study is an appealing concept, particularly for young school leavers who are worried that furthering their studies at university would entail too much debt. The cost of attending university is constantly at the back of students minds causing some young people to rethink their choices to see feasible alternatives.

The good news is that many people who do not choose to pursue university already have viable options that do not need them to settle for the second-best. Nowadays, only because you’ve concluded that university isn’t for you (for any reason), the notion that you won’t be able to get a promising future, as a result, is no longer valid. Combining on-the-job experience with classroom-based research and a paycheck is now a viable option. The current apprenticeship route is proving to be beneficial to both school leavers and employers.

Updated on December 23, 2021

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