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What are the Best Apprenticeships to Do

Apprenticeships are becoming increasingly popular and essential in today’s working environment, with hundreds of thousands of young people participating in programmes each year.

However, with so many opportunities open, determining which apprenticeships can better train you for future job development may be challenging. So what are the best apprenticeships to do?

BAE Systems Apprenticeship

BAE Systems is a multinational defence, security, and aerospace company that offers a staggering array of apprenticeship programmes to young people each year.

BAE has 400 jobs each year to guide people along new paths based on their varied areas of expertise.

BAE is one of the most attractive places to earn an apprenticeship due to its versatility. With the company based in 13 separate locations around the UK, there is a fair probability you will be assigned one (assuming you meet their criteria).

The knowledge gained when working with BAE helps with the promotion within the organisation. Still, it also helps with jobs with other companies in the industry (including the ministry of defence).

Construction Apprenticeship

After being hit worse than other sectors during the 2008 financial crisis, the building sector saw a significant uptick.

However, the most recent boom has been both optimistic and damaging, with a severe lack of skilled labour resulting in a massive supply-demand deficit right now.

Apprenticeship numbers in this field have dropped by a whopping 25% from their low point in 2008, meaning that everyone joining the business today would have an instant advantage and will be able to advance rapidly across the ranks.

Human Resource Apprenticeship

Human resource officers mainly deal with organisational enforcement issues, motivate workers to be more effective, and keep the office focused and on track in general.

The knowledge gained from this placement is invaluable for every office, and the beauty of human resource management is that it is not exclusive to a particular industry or sector.

A human resources placement can primarily teach everyone how to operate an office professionally, focusing on skills such as staff management, organisational advancement, career development, talent preparation, and recruiting and resourcing.

Most importantly, once you complete a placement successfully, you can be accepted as an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Growth (CIPD).

Through being a member of the CIPD, you’ve opened the way for a fast-track career in HR management in every company in the future. Because of its relative simplicity, this one is a top choice among those looking to plan their future.

Engineering Apprenticeship

Engineering is a booming industry that hires a vast amount of people per year. In addition, their apprenticeship curriculum is widely considered as one of the best in the sector.

The fundamental skills acquired over a wide range of engineering industries aid in leading young workers along very particular career paths.

If it is in producing nuclear weapons or simply the car industry, there are opportunities for apprenticeships that will contribute to a promising career in their chosen discipline.

In this regard, the automobile industry has seen a boom, with Rolls Royce alone offering close to 300 apprenticeships.

Interestingly, and even more enticingly for those interested, the engineering sector offers apprentices the second-highest hourly wage – £7.03 on average.

Banking Apprenticeship

A banking apprenticeship for every significant corporation could train you for a future in the industry as a whole – which may be pretty lucrative in the long run.

Many of these strategies include anyone entering a bank for a year to eventually learn how to manage accounts and complete routine tasks that could be performed daily.

Mostly, these programmes can lead directly into a full-term placement at the end of the apprenticeship – but they can still prepare you for any future jobs you apply for.

It is also worth remembering that a higher apprenticeship in banking will qualify you for admission to either the IFS School of Finance or the Chartered Banker Institute.

The most popular routes into higher apprenticeship preparation would be to become a branch manager or a business/commercial relationship manager.

Updated on December 23, 2021

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