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What Does A Hairdressing Apprenticeship Involve

When you first start a hairdressing apprenticeship (level 2), you may be allocated to a job as a junior stylist. As you progress to the advanced levels (level 3), you will be assigned more challenging tasks and responsibilities in order to develop all of the required skills.

Develop Cutting Skills

Of course, you won’t be given a pair of scissors and told to start cutting straight away. Instead, you’ll begin by assisting hairdressers, washing and applying treatments to hair, and generating colour combinations. Initially, you will be watching your coworkers, learning their abilities, and then practising them on mannequins.

As you gain experience and confidence, you will cut clients’ hair using a number of techniques and colour and lightening hair. You’ll also learn about product marketing and perming and relaxing hair with different chemicals. The apprenticeship is an excellent opportunity for you to get associated with a well-established salon, broaden your skillset, and perhaps even design some of the fashionable cuts of the future!

Being a Social Butterfly

Dealing with customers and ensuring that the salon is ready to fulfil their needs will be a large part of this profession. As you go through an apprenticeship, you will progressively develop confidence in dealing with customer needs via day-to-day interactions.

With time, you’ll be able to tell the difference between those who like to have their hair cut quietly after a long day at work and those who will speak to you the whole time. This means that your ability to adapt to each person (and conversation) will be beneficial, and your listening skills will ensure that each customer gets the appropriate look.

Maintaining Law and Order

Of course, no job is complete until there is some grafting! One of your many duties as an apprentice will be to maintain the salon clean and tidy – nothing is more off-putting to a customer than an unclean, messy salon.

Sweeping hair (obviously), cleaning mirrors, and ensuring that salon stock is at the proper level are all part of the job. Managing administration may be a tough job at times, but it must be completed!

Having to appear in front of the camera

Most salons will have a dedicated receptionist on staff; however, a small part of your apprenticeship may involve reception duties, such as covering for the full-time receptionist while they are away.

This will include tasks such as operating the till, greeting customers, and enhancing the customer experience by providing drinks. Accepting new appointments over the phone and in-person will also put your organisational skills to the test.

Your Expertise

In addition to your work experience, you will get practical knowledge via your apprenticeship classes that will allow you to achieve a range of styles. Balancing your studies with your full-time apprenticeship may be challenging, but you will be assigned an experienced tutor to help you and ensure you are progressing at your own pace.

Updated on December 23, 2021

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