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What Happens If You Fail An Apprenticeship

If you fail an apprenticeship you will be allowed to resit or retake the end point assessment.

When the result notification recommends a retake, the employer and training provider should create a supporting action plan that addresses the shortcomings identified in the first EPA result notice.

The action plan should include the kind and extent of the re-training and the estimated time needed to prepare the trainee for the retake. The employer and EPAO must reach an agreement on the timeline and expense of a retake.

A resit is when an apprentice retakes one or more failed assessment components without the need for further training.

Following an EPA failure, the EPAO will provide a result statement detailing the assessment components that the apprentice failed and stating that no further training is needed. Some EPA programmes have specific requirements for resits that must be fulfilled.

If an apprentice has passed their EPA, they are not permitted to retake the exam in order to better their original grade. In the event of a failure, only retakes are allowed.

Updated on December 23, 2021

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