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What Is A Foundation Apprenticeship

Foundation Apprenticeships are work-based learning experiences for students in their final year of school.

What is a foundation apprenticeship?

In S5 or S6, students begin their Foundation Apprenticeship, which lasts one or two years. Young people spend time away from school at college or with a local firm, completing the Foundation Apprenticeship in addition to other subjects like National 5s and Highers.

Completion culminates in a certificate equivalent to a Higher and may lead to a job, such as a Modern or Graduate Apprenticeship.

Foundation Apprenticeships are accepted as entry qualifications by all Scottish institutions and universities.

Why were they created?

In Scotland, young people are much more likely to be unemployed than adults. Foundation Apprenticeships were developed to help young people get relevant, real-world work experience and access job-based learning while still in school. Creating a link between the classroom and the workplace, introducing young people to the world of work early on help them develop the skills, experience, and knowledge they will need when they leave school.

For young people, it provides a chance to gain a head start on their careers by receiving an industry-recognised certification, work on real-world projects, and broaden their future opportunities beyond high school.

Foundation Apprenticeships are available in civil engineering, scientific technologies, software development, accounting, food and beverage technology, and financial services.

Updated on December 23, 2021

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