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What is a Level 3 Apprenticeship

Grade 3 apprenticeships, also known as advanced apprenticeships, are the equivalent of two A-Level passes, and they follow directly after intermediate (level 2) apprenticeships. If you have good GCSE scores, you would have a good chance to get your foot in the door after school or maybe after work. Advanced apprenticeships are still a great choice if you choose to get a degree and higher-level credentials but don’t want to go to university. Many businesses streamline their apprenticeship programmes starting at the advanced level.

As an advanced apprentice, you can work full-time with a business while still pursuing a degree from a training company or college. You can train for certificates equal to two A-Level passes, such as NVQ Level 3, and knowledge-based credentials relevant to the business and job function, such as a BTEC Diploma and Certificate. Some of these are also accredited by institutes, so you may be chartered in engineering or marketing, among other items, depending on where you study!

As you advance toward your certification and become more acquainted with your organisation, your apprenticeship would be designed to assign you more responsibilities eventually. As an accomplished apprentice. If you don’t feel like taking on many duties, your manager will help you get there later in your career. While learning essential employability skills, you may also obtain specialised training from the company.

Specific academic qualifications will almost certainly be required to be accepted for an advanced apprenticeship. You could have done an advanced apprenticeship, more than 5 GCSEs, or other A-Level passes. If you have vast business experience, you can only need to take basic English and Math tests.

Updated on December 23, 2021

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