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What Is An End Point Assessment For Apprenticeships

End-of-program assessment (EPA) is how apprentices are assessed at the end of their programme. Previously, apprentices were evaluated continuously during their studies. At the end of their studies, apprentices’ work and competence are now assessed against “apprenticeship standards” established by groups of companies, educators, and industry organisations known as “apprenticeship trailblazers.”

How does the EPA work?

A document known as the “assessment plan” defines the elements on which an apprentice is assessed. This was developed by the pioneer group (the same group that represents what apprentices should learn). Assessment plans are based on an apprentice’s knowledge, skills, and behaviours (or KSBs) gained during their training. Exams, assignments, interviews, and on-the-job observations are some of the ways KSBs may be evaluated. Each apprenticeship standard’s assessment strategy defines which methods must be used during the assessment.

When is the EPA planned to occur?

First, apprentices must complete their on-the-job training. In addition, students must fulfil all necessary components of the apprenticeship standard they are studying and any extra work that has been specified and will be assessed. This second part is known as the ‘portal.’ After passing the gateway test, the apprentice’s employer or training provider may suggest them for an EPA.

Who is responsible for enforcing the EPA?

An independent end-point assessment organisation (EPAO) must supervise each apprentice’s EPA, ensuring that all apprentices working to the same standard are assessed consistently.

Selecting an EPAO

The EPAO must be chosen by the employer and must be a recognised organisation on the Register of End Point Assessment Organizations to offer EPA in the apprenticeship standard that their apprentice is pursuing.

Employers are not permitted to choose an apprentice’s training organisation as the EPAO unless explicitly stated in the assessment plan.

Updated on December 23, 2021

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