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When to Apply for Apprenticeships

Unlike traditional educational routes, apprenticeships may begin at any time of year.

Except for degree apprenticeships, which usually begin in September to coincide with the start of the new academic year.

When to apply for apprenticeships?

There are no clear and quick rules on apprenticeship start dates; they depend on the employer and who they need to employ to fulfil their business needs.

Per apprenticeship job will have a start and end date, so double-check both.

Large businesses who recruit apprentices every year prepare their employees well in advance. As a consequence, you could find a job opening in February with a start date in August. This might seem like a long time off, but it’s essential to complete your applications and interviews so you can focus on your exams with a clear mind.

Apply for a job as soon as you see one that interests you, much as you would for any other.

Typically, this occurs a couple of months before the start date. So, six months before you’d like to start looking, you should begin looking.

You must apply for an apprenticeship only when you are adequately qualified and do not wait for the application deadline to pass – employers will remove vacancies as soon as they feel they have a sufficient number of applicants.

If you are accepted into an apprenticeship programme, you can begin once the job becomes accessible, as long as you are not still enrolled in full-time training.

That can leave you with a couple of months to get by or take a break.

Updated on December 23, 2021

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